FIFA 16 Introduces New Kits for Team of the Week Players

fifa15-coin Date: Aug/10/15 23:35:19 Views: 1354

The development team at EA Sports is announcing that it is introducing a new design for the kits that will be used by the players who are selected in the Team of the Week squad in the coming FIFA 16 football sim.

The new look has been created by Emilio Sansolini, a 30-year-old graphic designer from Argentina living in Gibraltar, who the studio reached out to after he created football kits out of the logos and the colors associated with the biggest NBA teams.

The official announcement explains that "Before he could begin designing new kits, Emilio spent some time in FUT looking at the earlier version that he used to help set up a brand identity. Maintaining the black, white and yellow color schemes from previous games, he began creating a dozen preliminary designs that were shared with the EA Sports FIFA team for feedback."

The kits will be first features when gamers first start the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16 and will then be delivered weekly as gamers see the best performers of the previous seven days.

Draft mode and Career Mode improvements have been revealed for the simulation 




The Ultimate Team mode is fast becoming the most popular element of the various sports titles created by EA Sports.

For FIFA 16 the company is introducing an entirely new mode called Draft, which allows players to quickly select a formation, a captain and a squad of 23 players before they can enter a series of tournaments that offer more rewards as the gamer manages to accumulate victories.

For those who do now want to engage with Ultimate Team the game is also introducing a wide array of tweaks linked to the Career Mode, which will now feature pre-season tournaments, better training and a new layer of realism linked to the transfer market and scouting.

The football sim will also introduce tweaks to defensive and offensive modes as well as a new no touch dribbling system that's modeled on Lionel Messi.

FIFA 16 will be out on September 22 in North America and two days later in Europe and can be played on the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, with a Legacy version offered on older home consoles.