FIFA 22 New Confirmed Gameplay Features

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EA Sports has revealed the official trailer of FIFA 22, Plus some details about the game gameplay and modes on the official website. Before we start discussing the details, allow me to show you the reveal trailer firstly.



New HyperMotion Gameplay Technology

Groundbreaking new hypermotion gameplay technology elevates every match across every mode in FIFA 22 only on Next-Gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, and google stadia. So that new hypermotion technology won't work on current-gen consoles and also PC. This means the pc version of FIFA 22 will be old-gen, the same as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to EA Sports reveal: That new technology is considered revolutioning football gameplay. Let's see more features of the new technology.


Advanced 11V11 Match Capture

Xsens suits enable motion capture from 22 professional footballers playing at high-intensity for the first time. The resulting unprecedented volume of high-quality real-human movement data powers how both individuals and teams move across FIFA 22. You will feel the real movement of every single player and also the teams. That's really an impressive change. Look here at this advanced 11V11 Match Capture: every player's movement is different, the two teams's movement are also more realistic.


Machine Learning

An important part of the new technology is the machine learning model. EA's proprietary algorithm learns from over 7.7 million frames of advanced match capture. Then writes new animations in real-time to create organic animations across a variety of interactions on the pitch. You will feel every shot, pass, cross, tackle, and how players move on and off the ball in a very realistic way. Look here to trent Alexander-Arnold: His face animation, how he looks left, his body flexibility, kicks the ball, and more. Here's also the different animations of Pulisic.


Full Team Authentic Motion

Xsens suits record every touch, tackle, sprint and duel from all 22 players playing at high intensity for the first time ever. Capturing data that powers over 4000 new animations in FIFA 22 to raise the footballing intensity, responsivess, and physicality of every player in the game. That's nice to see EA Sports focus on the full team motion in FIFA 22. That will make you feel the difference between every club strategy and also every player's movement. Look here to every player's movement, different glimpses, and more. Focus on kane, robertson, mane, firmino.


Tactical A.I

Deeper player intelligence gives each individual the ability to better understand both attacking and defensive formations and movement. That creates a new level of tactical realism.

In attack: We will have the ability to make up to 6X more decisions per second gives attackers more awareness of their surroundings, allows team to make smarter runs in build-up play, and lets them react to loose balls quicker.

In defence: Rewritten defensive AI gives teams the ability to act as a tactical unit, retaining their shape to move across the oitch and cover vacant space.

I think that will make the game better, especially on defense. It was so important to improve the defense in the game.


ML - Flow

ML - Flow machine learning algorithm writes new animations in real-time, enabling players to better adjust their stride and running cadence on approach to the ball to control or strike it more smoothly. Look here at Mabppe and Varane and how they running and moves. That's also impressive and different.


Kinetic Air Battles

Enhanced two interaction technology syncs player animations, creating greater realism and responsiveness as they fight to be first to the ball. See defenders and attackers push, pull, and jostle as they rise to meet, clearances, and long passes, increasing quality in headed situations and creating cleaner outcomes.


Composed Ball Control

New "Longer two-touch animations" make controlling the ball more natural and fluid than ever before. You will get more agility when trapping ground balls, and you will enjoy more strength in shielding situations to give you new ways to drive forward in FIFA 22.


Player Humanization

New off-ball player animations and ambient behavior help bring on-pitch characters to life. We will see opponents talk, point, and direct each other based on the action. Look here at the movement of alaba's hand, but that's not everything. I'm waiting to see more scenes for these animations. Wanna see fights between players.


Don't forget: All these features of the new hypermotion gameplay technology will be only available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and stadia.

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