FIFA Ultimate Team 15 PC Transfer Market Review

fifa15-coin Date: Nov/08/14 04:30:00 Views: 1355

FUT 15


The majority of FIFA Ultimate Team fans are playing their games on either the PlayStation or Xbox. However, I am sure that there is a sizable chunk of us out there playing FUT on PC. With this in mind, this article will cater to those fans and how trading methods from the other platforms can be applied here.

Less PC Players = Less Items on the Market
A smaller number of players on PC will inevitably result in less packs being opened/won, and will result in less items being listed for sale on the Transfer Market. The result is that prices for most players are considerably higher on the PC market than their PS and XBOX counterparts.

However, Less PC Players = Opportunities for Bargains!
With less players / bots competing for bargains, PC players should constantly search the market for deals. This is especially the case in the silver players market, as prices there are volatile. With some guts, you can build a decent quality silver team at a fraction of the price!

Crazy Managers Market
Even after a week of publishing my article on Manager Investing, I still see certain managers, such as Low, go for thousands of coins! Granted, his price has fallen from the 7,500 coins I sold him for three weeks ago to 4,500 coins. Still, it makes no sense for FUTers to purchase these managers at such prices! I have, however, seen more competition for bargain managers, causing prices to crash for the more expensive managers.

Bronze Contracts are Selling
Looks like players are using their bronze and silver teams first to build a nice stash of coins before they build their gold teams (I mean they pretty much have to given the prices of the gold players). Thus, I have been opening the 400 Coin Bronze Packs and have been successful in selling the contracts and other items off.

A New Trading Method?
I have had a better success rate opening Premium Silver Packs than the Gold Premium Packs in terms of resell value. Mind you, this does not happen all the time, but I have been able to bag some sick silver players which do allow me to either break even or make profit from the pack itself. Also, it does not hurt to open a few of these packs per week as this allows you to scout for new players/items to sell!

Moving Forward
Given the higher prices for gold players, PC players should not rush into building gold squads immediately! Instead, use your free bronze team and build a nice silver team and focus on making coins! This means making a race to Division 1 against the computer, complete as many of the online tournaments as possible, and take advantage of the free coin bonuses/TOTW challenges. Besides, the whole point of FUT should be for you to experiment and explore different leagues and players. I am enjoying my MLS team at the moment!>